Compliments to Cindy :)

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Untitled_2 Apparently some of my friends didn’t even get to see my card, as it got stuck en route, hehe.. Well, here are some parts of it :).

The inside of the invite was done in two languages, English and Chinese.



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Career choices can be quite confusing sometimes :|.

Last May I decided to receive an offer in another department of my company, and since then my old boss and his manager has approached me several times, hinting that doors are still open if I wanted to come back. I was tempted, but I’m looking forward to the permanent contract the current department (hopefully) will offer me next May. Here in Holland it’s normal to have a one year contract first, after that they can extend it once, and afterwards the company must hire you permanently – or not at all.

Last week my old boss talked to me again. This time he’s willing to offer a contract AND a considerable amount of raise, making it so hard to resist!! The reason why I’m not running back is because of the high possibility that the department might be outsourced to India, which means in a short time everybody in the Holland office will be laid off. And make things even more blurry, my old boss might get a higher position in the company, where he’ll have more control about the future of the department. Which means there might be a posibility to scrap the idea of outsourcing to India (with all respect, their work is utter crap).

I’m confused now…stay with a slow but more sure career path, or move for a better payed but an unsteady career path. There’s lots of other plus and minuses about both department that I need to consider, adding that with my own future planning. If I stay where I am, in several years I might have to do extensive traveling. I used to want a job that enables me to travel, but now I know it’s much nicer to travel on your own for holidays, rather than travel for work. Especially when kids come into the picture.

We’ll just see what happens next May!! I might not even stay in this company, heheh… Well, it’s actually hard to move to a different company, given my low dutch ability, hehe.. The plan was to work on the dutch, but given the multinational environment, my dutch has not improved at all :P. I wonder what has improved after 3 years living in Holland!! My cooking skills, for sure, haha.. (it comes down to essensial survival necessity – what kind of a sentence is that??)

Anyway, yesterday I went to a conference in Amsterdam, and was exposed for the first time to a Jewish community. It was really interesting! Apparently they have their own food quality certificate (something like halal for the moslem), and depending on how orthodox they are, it could be very complicated. So it seems that they also have a community of their own where ever they go (yea, like Chinatown for the Chinese :P). It’s new to me, realiizing how extensive the Jew community is throughout the world. I mean, before I know they’re scattered through out the world, and they’re veerrryyy wealthy, but I never met any for real before.

Ah well, better go back to working like a madman, last things to do before I go on a month holiday!!

day minus day minus day

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I can’t belive how fast the days are flying!! There has been – and still are 1001 things to do, but soon I’ll be going back to Indo – and this time I’m REALLY excited :D. Already confused on how to bring all the stroopwafel, kruidennoten, boterkoek, CHOCOLATE, and of course the klompen. As kitsch as possible, hahaha!

Next week I’ll have to go to a conference in Amsterdam first though, but that’s quite a far cry from the conference I was hoping to go to: Washington DC!! If I’ll go it would have been the perfect time: between Christmas and New Year. I was so very looking forward to seeing the overdone Christmas decorations on the streets of DC! But nope, it’s not happening. Well, for a reason maybe, then I’ll get to spend my first year end with my husband, also nice :D! And my manager promised me I can go next year to the big conferences in the States (when I actually know more about what I’m doing, hihihi…). Yippeee!

The weather here it’s so weird…we’ve had a mild October so far, temperature around 10-15ºC when I cycle to and from work, no thick overcoats needed yet…hope this wont mean we’ll have blizzards in January!! Holland has a way of creaping at you when you least expected, so now I know to expect the extremes, hehe..

There are sooo many things to be stressed about, but so far it’s quite easy for me to be happy and bounce back from my gloomy thoughts, and I have much more energy to face the problems – I feel like a completely different person compared to when I went back home early 2006!  I’m doing the 40 Purpose Driven Life at the moment, and it really helps get me in a happy-thankful-blessed mood. It’s so strange the timing my church chose to do this programme, but well, for me it’s once again an affirmation that He knows better about my needs compared to what I know myself, hehe..

I know whose hands November is in, and I’m so thankful for that!!

Ohhh..I’m counting down the daaayyysss ^______^.

Simple taste??

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Arrgghh…this is terrible…!! For MONTHS Its and I have been trying to find a suitable wedding ring. We went in and out loads of jewelry shops in Indo, and browsed endlessly. Until several months ago I just gave up and thought we’ll just have the ring we saw in Indo – the jewelry shop owner is a friend of the family so I could tell her I’m still hesitating, so we didn’t give any downpayment yet but can call later on for it. So that’s the ‘ban serep’ ring (hehe..ban serep = spare tire). Finding our rings is difficult, I like intricately patterned and curvy feminim rings, while Itsco wants a simple no hassle NO DIAMOND masculin ring. We had to meet somewhere in the middle.

So on the last desperate move, we went to a little jewelier in the centrum to check their rings out. I wasn’t that hopeful – I also wanted to find a wide ring like the one we saw in indo, just to see again if it does look nice on my finger.

But just when I least expected it, there was our ring. Right there, in the little shop. The ring already caught my eye on the display since it looked different from the rest, and when I tried it on…well, they say that the ring chooses the person, doesn’t it? It was soooo gorgeous on my finger!!! I also love the ring because this one really symbolizes ‘two becomes one’.

And Its liked the male ring too. – we’re talking about a guy who’s still trying to talk me out of the idea of him wearig a ring too, so him liking a ring says a lot about the ring :). I don’t actually mind *that* much if he does’t wear a ring – I don’t need a ring to ‘seal’ my posession, if the man wants to flirt when he’s out with the guys then he has my permission, I know his heart is already mine anyway. (no, not that he flirts :P) But I guess it’s a tradition, and also a symbol, and ‘I dont like rings’ doesn’t sound like a strong argument, haha.. Well, this ring he liked, so that’s the end of our little problem :D.

But heres the bigger one: they say that craftmanship often comes with a pricetag. In this case, it’s a 2,300 pricetag – the material alone wouldn’t cost a quarter of it!

Well, I love the ring, but I know the ring is not the most important thing, it’s what it symbolizes that matters – and in the end, who needs a ring anyway??

So I don’t really know how this story will end – but I’m so very not going to pay that kind of money for the rings. It spoils the whole idea. I don’t want a ring so expensive that I’ll be rooted in the value of the ring, instead of the memory of the vow Itsco will say when he puts the ring on my finger. It’s the vow that matters – the ring can be anything – round to symbolize eternity, diamond to symbolize purity, precious metal to symbolize value, but what are symbols when compared to real actions from the vow we make?

I’ve been given a ring before – acompanied with vow-like words, "just as I follow the ring and always takes me back to where I start, so I follow my heart in every direction and it always takes me back to you." But where is he now?

And I am really rambling off, aren’t I?? haha.. Oh well, I should feel very very blessed to have been and be loved with such an abundance. I’m really a spoilt brat ;).

We’ll see what happens with the rings, haha…

Conferring Conference

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I’m going to another conference tomorrow, here in Holland. It’s about 100 Years Levinas. Who? Emmanuel Lévinas, a French Philosopher deeply influenced by 2 German Philosophers, Edmund Husserl and Martin Heideger. Yes, you go ‘who?’ again, don’t you? Me too.

I don’t know whether I should focus on the info about the conference itself, but it’s really no use – never in a hundred years am I going to understand what these philosophers are talking about.

The other option is to dig some background about the important people attending the conference. People who knows people who knows people who are top leaders in their field. Nobel prize winner wannabes. – is there a nobel for philosophers?? eehh…don’t think so…

So I guess if I stay in this work field, I’m going to go and meet people. Oh, this is kinda ironic. My publisher is scheduled to meet Pope Benedictus later this year, right. Well, she was actually scheduled to meet the late pope too. Right after September 11, so she wasn’t allowed to go out of the country. With the treat *this* Pope is getting, I hope she doesn’t have to cancel again.

Anyway, I gotta get back back to my box of knowledge, only a few more hours before the conference!!

Woking Chops

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Hmm..I think I’ve bloged this picture once, but I don’t remember giving out the recipe. Well, I should. It’s so simple and dilicious that it’s a sin to keep it all for myself :P. I got the recipe from my Popoh (that’s grandma in Chinese) and eversince then I’ve learned not to under estimate simple recipes :).

Since I’m used to the ‘bite sized’ bakut in indo, I usually ask the butcher (or boyfriend, haha) to chp them up. But I guess leaving them in long strips doesn’t harm the taste! Since my popoh didn’t have proper measurement, I never really measured mine properly – I think I used 1/2 cup = 1 ‘part’ measurement for almost 1 kg pork chops. As long as the liquid covers the pork totally.

The ingredients themself are quite versatile, if you’re more into sweet glazings, just switch the proportions for soya and sugar!

4-3-2-1 Pork Chops

PorkChops Ingredients:
pork ribs (I know it as bakut)
– 4 parts water
– 3 parts soy sauce (the salty one)
– 2 parts sugar
1 part vinegar
Five spice powder

Woking it:

  • Now, put all the bakut and the rest of the ingredients in the wok, set fire on high to get things boiling. I usually continue to boil on medium and stir every now and then til the water reduces.
  • When the water is almost syrup consistency (this might take a while), turn heat down to prevent chops from burning, and stir every now and then.
  • After a while the syrup will coat the chops and the fat will start to melt. I like to let it fry until it’s a bit dryer and it’s charred here and there. That’s how I get the BBQ taste. Just dont over do it.

If you simmer it quite slowly (mine took a bit over an hour from finish to start due to the large quanity) the ingredients seep in even without the need of marinading beforehand – and it also gives a savoury glaze to the chops.

Just watch how fast these chops disappear 🙂


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I found out a way to move all my previous posts to this blog in a few clicks!! My first blog was blogdrive, which was unsatisfactory, then I started posting on the blog provided by friendster, but it had so few whistles and bells that I felt reluctant of blogging there for long term.

Too bad they don’t have a nice black background here, my previous blogs were all black, so some of the fonts are well, blinding with a white backdrop. Well, this one is quite OK, I can’t change anything though, but well, you just can’t have it all, can you??

Cheers, to me and my stubbornness!! (haha..)