Make up

We just had another fight – just one of those ordinary day to day fight, most of all caused by stubborness, my unwillingness to let things go easily, my tendency to make ado out of nothing; in other words, it was a common fight so unimportant that I dont even remember what it was about.

I went to bad angry, breaking my own rules, and went out of bed grumpy. Went to work like nothing happend, returned home, everything was quiet, nothing was out of the blue, put my bike away, entered the room and stepped into a candle-lit room with this as it’s centerpiece..


Somehow, he would always look over my trivial, stupid, endless whims and find worldess ways to say what unconditional really means…


~ by Anita Fei on April 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Make up”


    ENJOY being loved unconditionally and don’t be too hard on yourself!!! ;-))))

    Glow on, GIRL!!!!!



  2. Completely agree! The sad thing is this nonsense is not only going on at the jr. high/high school level but at the elementary school level as well. Click

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