H.E.L.P !!

Tick..tock..tick..tock..it’sfive more days to go until Chinese New Year. And I’ve invited Itsco’s whole family over for dinner. His family, even with newly added me, only expands to ten people. Which is just as much as our dining room and table can accomodate.

But I still have no idea what to make!!

I mean, I’m supposed to evolve, right? My cooking skills should have improved, my food should look nicer, taste better – right?

Two years ago, with no job and time to idle, I managed to pull off making this on my own for Chinese new year from scratch, for nine people:


That’s nine dishes: sate, wonton (fried), lumpia, char siu (the red pork – marinaded and grilled it myself, hoho), bakut BBQ, steamed wontons, meatball soup, mie panjang umur, sapo tofu, and kembang tahu.

How am I going to top that off?? – I mean, I don’t even know where to begin with, no inspiration at the moment…my head is full with design ideas for the house – the livingroom is one pile of boxes, hehe.. Any ideas??


~ by Anita Fei on February 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “H.E.L.P !!”

  1. Nit… bikin bebek peking gantung diri yang kaya di resto resto dong. kan elo mah jagoan…

  2. Oven magnetron gua semaput tuh, jadi panggang*an out of the menu, hehehe.. Lagian gua mau pompa kulit bebeknya pake apa? Pompa sepeda??

    Lah, sok gaya pengen masak aneh*, wong tamunya org belanda semua – ikan n udang diliatin doang klo gua sajiin utuh*, bamboo shoot n hioko dibilang bau (padahal keju mereka kan bau banggeett!!)

    Hueee…coba gua married into a chinese family, bisa rame* lipetin siomay-choipan-kuotie…kan sedih lipetin sendirian malem*..hikksss…

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