Determination in a Mug

hehe..I’m a late starter, which means normally I don’t get into the office before 9. Some months before I can proudly say the reason why I come in late is because I work out in the mornings. Now it’s just pure laziness. There were a few weeks of bliss where thanks to the jetlag I could wake up fresh as a daisy at 7 AM, but now I struggle my way out of the comfy bed every morning (at 8). No matter how early or late I sleep, I can’t get up early!! The sun not being up yet in the winter sky doesn’t really help – just checked, sunrise is 8.45 AM!!! Gaaaahh…no wonder I can’t wake up!!! 😐 Apparently my body is still accustomed to waking up with the sun, which has been for over 20 years at a steady 6 AM :P.

Anyway, since I enter work late and spend looonnnggg lunch hours traveling the streets of our centrum (or more entering the shops in our centrum :P), there are times when I go home at 6 or 7 just to make my working hours.

Continuing the unhealtiness of not working out is my hunger attack at 5, a short hour or two from going home. Normally I’d snack on small things, but lately I’ve found the evil thing that’s called instant noodle. With newly found the ‘pour hot water’ variation, lately I could be found eating this at my desk after 5:

Office1Yes, that’s the christmas mug, hehe.. I shudder to think the amount of sodium in there, but it’s sooo good to eat when it’s just getting dark (at 5 PM that is :P). So much for the new year’s resolution 😐

I’m not sure when the last time I worked out was…more than a week ago, and I’m getting more and more lazy. I actually received a 10 days free trial at the gym, only to find out that my normal work out at home routine is actually more vigorous. It might have been different if I had taken aerobic-like classes, but as I concluded that such classes would involove pushing myself to cycle to the gym in the blistering cold (they only start at 8 PM :|) and be friendly with dozens of nude females in the locker room, I decided I’d be more successful in sticking with my home video /  tv routine. Besides, Itsco’s got a cross trainer that has been sitting there collecting dust. Someone has to save it from early retirement! πŸ˜€

Don’t get me wrong, back in Indo I used to be an avid gym-fan, going to aerobic sessions daily or even twice a day (how did you think I lost my 16kgs??), but now it’s just not worth it, especially not when it costs me €70 a month – in a year I could buy a ticket home to Indo 😐 (ja ja, perspective perspective :P)

Pffftttt…gotta get my lazy butt moving again!!!


~ by Anita Fei on January 8, 2007.

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