Involving Chocolate (Part 2)

I buy chocolate by the bulk. And I’d stock flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Always. I never know when the cooking pangs hit, and somehow when I use chocolate, no matter what recipe you I, the cake raves.

But these are the recipes I use when I have more time and energy, since the cake involves more than just mixing the batter and throwing it into the oven. Recipes that I don’t try on working week nights. Recipes I use when I’m out there to impress. The degree of failure is quite large, and it takes up hours. Itsco usually moves out of the way then :P.

CheesechocoThis is my most recent attempt for New Year’s eve…Black and White Chocolate Cheesecake. The original recipe uses white chocolate batter and dark chocolate pieces in it, but I switched it. I substituted the heavy cream with Bailey’s Irish Cream for the aroma, and used the walnuts I had in hand for decoration. The cake is rich enough without it though ;). If you just wanna eat cake and presentation is number 2, never mind about the au bain marie thing, your cake might crack, but it’ll taste the same šŸ˜‰

Chantily This one I’ve baked so many time – it’s also Itsco’s favorite, German Chocolate Cake with chantilly filling. First attempt at this cake involved a small microwave oven, three times mixing and three times baking. Big mistake. The cake was beautifully delicious but I was too exhousted to care :|. I know better now and use the largest rectangle baking sheet I have, then divide the cake in three – saves loads of time!! Itsco’s colleagues always thinks he bought this at a fancy cake shop – if I ever quit my day job I’ll be selling these šŸ˜›

Operacake And this one is my favorite. This cake has seriously ruined me forever. It’s so soft and delicate, and ever since I’ve eaten this cake I haven’t had any better. They name it Opera Cake, and seriously, in musical term, this cake is grandioso… If you love almond, chocolate, coffee, and not afraid at recipes that goes over one page, this one is definitely you. The above link gets you to a detailed (complete with the cake’s history) step by step of how to make the cake. If you’re really into chocolate, you can use more layers of ganache. As far as I can remember the only substitutio I made was to use Tia Maria instead of coffee syrup. And make sure to use ALMOND!


~ by Anita Fei on January 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Involving Chocolate (Part 2)”

  1. hi Nittttt!!!! kok sehati ya bikin opera cake. hahahha,cuman gue beda resepnya n masih dalam tahap dibuat,jadi belum ketauan hasilnya bagus apa enggak. kalo bagus,ntar sekalian gue posting di blog. tapi kalo jelek… cukup new york cheese cake aja yang masuk blog.dalam rangka ultah si chris nih, jadinya semanget buat bikin kue šŸ˜›

  2. Nit, i think once i fly to holland again, i should take some baking lesson from you. my opera cake didn’t look like opera cake but more like lapis legit or kue lapis… well,selera kampung sih… dibawa kemana mana tetep aja mirip masakan indo šŸ˜›

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