Jump Start?

The best new year wish sms’ were tangled with ‘good luck with the baby’ stuffs newlyweds often get. I wasn’t really thinking of having kids – yet, no matter what my family or friends told me, I need to settle down first, thought stubborn me. And then I read this article:

"More and more women are getting married later and putting off childbearing, expecting to focus more on family building once their careers stabilize. But what happens when we think we’re ready for children, but our bodies tell us it’s too late? Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s, single or married, it’s not too late (nor too early) to starting thinking about your fertility now.

All your life, you assumed you’d have children. Just like you assumed you’d go to college, assumed you’d get married, and assumed you’d live happily ever after.

Then something goes slightly off course. The next thing you know, you’re in your 30s, with a promising career and maybe even a partner for life — but no pitter-patter of little feet (and that baby pug doesn’t count). What went wrong?

Females generally are born with 1 million to 2 million eggs. By adolescence, that number decreases to 400,000. According to Dr. Thomas Kim, medical director and board-certified infertility specialist at CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles, “the quality of the eggs in a human ovary starts declining in the late 20s, about 27. And the rate of decline at that point is rather slow, but once you turn 35, the slope changes and it starts declining very fast. And once you hit 40, literally it starts nose-diving.”

And it’s not just the chronological age of the woman that matters. Even more important is the age of your ovaries. “You can be 35, but your eggs can be younger or older, unfortunately,” says Dr. Chung. “We have seen 31-, 32-year-olds with eggs like those of a menopausal patient.” Generally, one’s ovarian age is compatible with one’s chronological age, but ultimately, your genes are going to affect the age of your ovaries at any given point.

More and more women are discovering these important facts sometimes too late.

Its quite a long article, with tips at the end on how to protect your fertility.

Pffftttt…well, I’ve got my year goal set! – no, not babies, but getting the house done!! It’s so very not baby-proof at the moment :|.

Just met our financial advisor to get the financing aspect of it straight, get me the proper insurance to be a house owner (yippeee), and the next step is getting Brett to make a quote of how much the renovation would cost. I really hope things work out…


~ by Anita Fei on January 5, 2007.

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