Job Apprasial

Sometime ago I got my job appraisal. Not job evaluation, where the communication goes both way between you and your superior, with appraisal the communication goes one way – they tell you how good or bad you are in workterms, period.

I was quite surprised since this happened only after 6 months – I don’t know what’s normal, but I thought they’d wait and do this at the end of my 1st year – or at least a month before that.

Anyway, as I misunderstood appraisal for evaluation – I actually had a list of things I planned discuss with my manager (as you might have noticed this is not my best effort blah blah) – I didn’t even have the time to worry what their grades were going to be. I only had 5 minutes to fret before the appraisal was handed out. It turned out that I was ‘on job expectation’ for all but two, where I was ‘exceeding job expectation’.

I was relieved when I walked out of the office, seriously, with my stress level up there with the engagement and wedding preparation, work was suffering quite a lot (like: eh, the datas are filled in, did I do that? eh, yea, that’s my name on the paper, it should have been me…eh I don’t remember!! :|).

Later on a colleague told me that as long as there’s no mark in the ‘lower than job expectation’ column, I was safe. On the other hand, if I continue to have the things in the exceeding column, I can persist for a promotion. Ah, music to my ears :D. Oh, and there’s actually 5 columns, not only 3. The on on the higher end is a straight ticket to promotion and the one at the lower end kicks you out (I suppose).

I think it would do me good to read what is actually expected from my job, but as I only saw the columns and bothered to check out the 2 ‘irregular ones’, now I can only tell you about those two, hehehh..

The first one was my relationship with other colleagues.


I didn’t even know such an appraisal exsisted! Apparently all the cake I brought to office and the hours spent on ‘networking’ did result in something good, hihihi..

The second one is more serious, my problem solving ability. Manager said I had the ability to be cool and tackle the problem straight on the head. (gee..I wish this ability stays with me out of office hours :P)

Honestly, I’m overjoyed to have that one ability acknowledged :D. I never knew how I’d turn out in the business world until I showed up in Holland. My univeristy years were filled up with too much social events to pay enough attention on getting proper GPA, and it took me way too long to get my studies done. In the mean time I did freelancing and part time jobs, nothing in an office. I think among my homegirls I’m considered to be the most hippie styled (did I say ‘I think’?? :P)

Even in Holland, the second job I got via the work agency turned out to be with people I know. The interviewer turned supervisor was Itsco’s good friend. Yes yes…nepotism in the air – he hired me for a week to help out one of the section which were lacking work force (it was summer, 4 out of the 5 were on vacation) – as in, no harm could be done.

Only after that week did I realize that he previously thought I was blond.


DOH, I might have realized that before! – I mean, when I meet him it’s always either at the pub or at the party, where I was problably laughing my head off being silly. You should have seen his face when he realized I actually had a brain attached to my face…I didn’t know whether to rejoice or feel insulted – in any case I took the ‘real’ job offer he gave after the week trial. He actually had to bitch with the section’s supervisor who wanted me to work there longer (yes, yes, let me bask in my glory here!! :D)

So you kinda understand why I dont get totally elated when I receive compliments from this person – I mean, he once thought I was blond!! – well, yea I know I’m blond, but not THAT blond (hopefully!!). But finally, finally acknowledgement from serious working people, people who judge me for my ability to get the job done 😀

BTW, that was an irony, as my then supervisor has now become a multi-powered manager, and had to do an assessment test in order to become one. The result says that he has an outstanding ability to judge a persons character ;).


~ by Anita Fei on January 3, 2007.

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