on a monday

Sooo…did you miss me here? 😀 I’m back now, as a married woman, hehe.. And yes, it feels great ;). I got to meet almost all of my relatives and quite a lot of friends whom I haven’t seen in years came too. It’s crazy when you think that nowadays a wedding is the only way to have a reunion with them, people are so busy busy busy!!

I’m still kinda sick at the moment, but if I take a close look at my behavior in November, I should be thankful I’m not in a hospital, attached to a (lard) IV! It’s a nice different feeling, like a glowing warm happiness that stays underneath all the layers of tiredness – yes, TIREDNESS. Try arranging a wedding for 500 AND take care of your never-been-out-of-the-country in laws and see the kilo’s melt away, haha!

Anyway, the newlywed me not only lost 4% of her body weight, but also have layers of highlighted hair and loads of tan. I look soooo very (more) exotic now, haha.. 😉 (yes, the pictures+stories will be available soon!!-hopefully, hehe!) What is not so exotic was the pile of laundry that took me a week to finish (and I don’t even believe in irons ;)), and the bedroom that is not totally done yet (read: not done at all).

So among the year end excitements well have to put our heads together to decide the color and design of the room :D. Knowing that I have an ehm, somewhat expensive taste (somehow the things I pick out usually turns out to be the costliest in the collection, ggrr..) we’ve set up a budget…since the bedroom is only the first of many rooms in the house that will have a makeover.

Well, at least I get to design my own home, hehe..I don’t really know if Itsco will survive it – at least he survived the wedding, that’s a super good sign 😀 OK, that’s enough for Monday ramblings 😀


~ by Anita Fei on December 11, 2006.

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