Career choices can be quite confusing sometimes :|.

Last May I decided to receive an offer in another department of my company, and since then my old boss and his manager has approached me several times, hinting that doors are still open if I wanted to come back. I was tempted, but I’m looking forward to the permanent contract the current department (hopefully) will offer me next May. Here in Holland it’s normal to have a one year contract first, after that they can extend it once, and afterwards the company must hire you permanently – or not at all.

Last week my old boss talked to me again. This time he’s willing to offer a contract AND a considerable amount of raise, making it so hard to resist!! The reason why I’m not running back is because of the high possibility that the department might be outsourced to India, which means in a short time everybody in the Holland office will be laid off. And make things even more blurry, my old boss might get a higher position in the company, where he’ll have more control about the future of the department. Which means there might be a posibility to scrap the idea of outsourcing to India (with all respect, their work is utter crap).

I’m confused now…stay with a slow but more sure career path, or move for a better payed but an unsteady career path. There’s lots of other plus and minuses about both department that I need to consider, adding that with my own future planning. If I stay where I am, in several years I might have to do extensive traveling. I used to want a job that enables me to travel, but now I know it’s much nicer to travel on your own for holidays, rather than travel for work. Especially when kids come into the picture.

We’ll just see what happens next May!! I might not even stay in this company, heheh… Well, it’s actually hard to move to a different company, given my low dutch ability, hehe.. The plan was to work on the dutch, but given the multinational environment, my dutch has not improved at all :P. I wonder what has improved after 3 years living in Holland!! My cooking skills, for sure, haha.. (it comes down to essensial survival necessity – what kind of a sentence is that??)

Anyway, yesterday I went to a conference in Amsterdam, and was exposed for the first time to a Jewish community. It was really interesting! Apparently they have their own food quality certificate (something like halal for the moslem), and depending on how orthodox they are, it could be very complicated. So it seems that they also have a community of their own where ever they go (yea, like Chinatown for the Chinese :P). It’s new to me, realiizing how extensive the Jew community is throughout the world. I mean, before I know they’re scattered through out the world, and they’re veerrryyy wealthy, but I never met any for real before.

Ah well, better go back to working like a madman, last things to do before I go on a month holiday!!


~ by Anita Fei on October 31, 2006.

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