day minus day minus day

I can’t belive how fast the days are flying!! There has been – and still are 1001 things to do, but soon I’ll be going back to Indo – and this time I’m REALLY excited :D. Already confused on how to bring all the stroopwafel, kruidennoten, boterkoek, CHOCOLATE, and of course the klompen. As kitsch as possible, hahaha!

Next week I’ll have to go to a conference in Amsterdam first though, but that’s quite a far cry from the conference I was hoping to go to: Washington DC!! If I’ll go it would have been the perfect time: between Christmas and New Year. I was so very looking forward to seeing the overdone Christmas decorations on the streets of DC! But nope, it’s not happening. Well, for a reason maybe, then I’ll get to spend my first year end with my husband, also nice :D! And my manager promised me I can go next year to the big conferences in the States (when I actually know more about what I’m doing, hihihi…). Yippeee!

The weather here it’s so weird…we’ve had a mild October so far, temperature around 10-15ºC when I cycle to and from work, no thick overcoats needed yet…hope this wont mean we’ll have blizzards in January!! Holland has a way of creaping at you when you least expected, so now I know to expect the extremes, hehe..

There are sooo many things to be stressed about, but so far it’s quite easy for me to be happy and bounce back from my gloomy thoughts, and I have much more energy to face the problems – I feel like a completely different person compared to when I went back home early 2006!  I’m doing the 40 Purpose Driven Life at the moment, and it really helps get me in a happy-thankful-blessed mood. It’s so strange the timing my church chose to do this programme, but well, for me it’s once again an affirmation that He knows better about my needs compared to what I know myself, hehe..

I know whose hands November is in, and I’m so thankful for that!!

Ohhh..I’m counting down the daaayyysss ^______^.


~ by Anita Fei on October 26, 2006.

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