Simple taste??

Arrgghh…this is terrible…!! For MONTHS Its and I have been trying to find a suitable wedding ring. We went in and out loads of jewelry shops in Indo, and browsed endlessly. Until several months ago I just gave up and thought we’ll just have the ring we saw in Indo – the jewelry shop owner is a friend of the family so I could tell her I’m still hesitating, so we didn’t give any downpayment yet but can call later on for it. So that’s the ‘ban serep’ ring (hehe..ban serep = spare tire). Finding our rings is difficult, I like intricately patterned and curvy feminim rings, while Itsco wants a simple no hassle NO DIAMOND masculin ring. We had to meet somewhere in the middle.

So on the last desperate move, we went to a little jewelier in the centrum to check their rings out. I wasn’t that hopeful – I also wanted to find a wide ring like the one we saw in indo, just to see again if it does look nice on my finger.

But just when I least expected it, there was our ring. Right there, in the little shop. The ring already caught my eye on the display since it looked different from the rest, and when I tried it on…well, they say that the ring chooses the person, doesn’t it? It was soooo gorgeous on my finger!!! I also love the ring because this one really symbolizes ‘two becomes one’.

And Its liked the male ring too. – we’re talking about a guy who’s still trying to talk me out of the idea of him wearig a ring too, so him liking a ring says a lot about the ring :). I don’t actually mind *that* much if he does’t wear a ring – I don’t need a ring to ‘seal’ my posession, if the man wants to flirt when he’s out with the guys then he has my permission, I know his heart is already mine anyway. (no, not that he flirts :P) But I guess it’s a tradition, and also a symbol, and ‘I dont like rings’ doesn’t sound like a strong argument, haha.. Well, this ring he liked, so that’s the end of our little problem :D.

But heres the bigger one: they say that craftmanship often comes with a pricetag. In this case, it’s a 2,300 pricetag – the material alone wouldn’t cost a quarter of it!

Well, I love the ring, but I know the ring is not the most important thing, it’s what it symbolizes that matters – and in the end, who needs a ring anyway??

So I don’t really know how this story will end – but I’m so very not going to pay that kind of money for the rings. It spoils the whole idea. I don’t want a ring so expensive that I’ll be rooted in the value of the ring, instead of the memory of the vow Itsco will say when he puts the ring on my finger. It’s the vow that matters – the ring can be anything – round to symbolize eternity, diamond to symbolize purity, precious metal to symbolize value, but what are symbols when compared to real actions from the vow we make?

I’ve been given a ring before – acompanied with vow-like words, "just as I follow the ring and always takes me back to where I start, so I follow my heart in every direction and it always takes me back to you." But where is he now?

And I am really rambling off, aren’t I?? haha.. Oh well, I should feel very very blessed to have been and be loved with such an abundance. I’m really a spoilt brat ;).

We’ll see what happens with the rings, haha…


~ by Anita Fei on October 5, 2006.

One Response to “Simple taste??”

  1. Whats up girl… can´t find what you´ve been looking for or can´t decide what you´re gonna do with what you´ve found… i can imagine how impossible it is sometime to get what you want and to go along with your own taste when you decide to share your life with the one you love the most…its… that´s the whole point of taking and giving, or shall i say it better: giving and taking, hehehe… things can be said in so many different languages but they mean just simply the same: love is there to speak from your heart, ring is there to speak from your vow, marriage is there to speak from your life decision and devotion, and it goes on and on just like a circle and at the end you´ll be amazed how these things can make un-ended-circle… just j-lo said, “my love don´t cost a thing” which tries tp simplify the value of money as “it´s not about the money” or “money means nothing” you´ll be amazed to find out and recall your first reaction of the very first second of finding what you like and want and at the exact moment is also knowing that the same thing is wanted en liked by the one you love the most…its.. just like that ring… bottomline: G3-go-get it-girl!!! then again, it´s not about the ring, but it´s about the moment that binds you with the one you love the most…its… and it´s absolutely not about simple or difficult taste, it´s about what you and its share the most precious moment of searching and finding what you and its most like and want to have…

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