Battle Chickens

Do you think your “mother tongue” gets involved when it comes to taste? I definitely think so!

Let me tell you what I mean, hehe.. These are chicken dishes that I’ve entered into the competition – to be fair, I used chicken breast for all recipes:

Chicken_kalasan From my homeland, Ayam Kalasan, complete with it’s shredded coconut (I went in and out so many stores to get the coconut!!). It’s main secret lies in the asortiment of the spices which the chicken is simmered in – sometimes for hours or submerged overnight, before the chicken is fried. The shredded coconut is also a real treat, crunchy and spicey! Served over steamed jasmine rice, this aroma alone can wake me up in the middle of the night 😉

Chicken_PapadorisFrom the neighbouring land, India, is Chicken Papadoris – well, OK, I’m not really fair since this isn’t really the best indian dish they have – have you ever tried Buttered Chicken? Now THAT is a tough competitor for our Opor Ayam I think!! This chicken is boiled in coconut milk and pine nut, giving a rich sauce that coats the chicken. I suppose this would have been tastier if the chicken were chopped up. I used whatever veggies I had in the kitchen at the moment – that explains the uninspiring broccoli and curried carrots on the dish 😛

Chicken_maryland Moving on, from the Western hemisphere, Alice Chicken . The name came from Alice Springs, Aussie. The recipe I tried involved marinading the meat with worchestershire sauce and several other things, before baking it in the oven with a layer of mushroom and cheese. It was quite good actually, it has a slight barbeque flavour, but you gotta love cheese if you wanna try this dish! The original recipe uses Moterey Jack, I just used whatever I had at the moment 😛Chicken_aigu_de_taragon

 OK, from Europe I tried Poulet Aigu de Taragon, yes, a French recipe. Involving white wine and cream (btw, I don’t understand about people who fuss about having alchohol in their food. IAlchohol would evaporate when the boiled or is heated above 80C – or something like that), and also fresh taragon. To be honest, I liked this recipe least. Maybe my tongue isn’t really used to wine that much – I mean if I had to choose having a dish with rich santan flavour or robust red wine flavour, I’d choose the first without any hesitation ;P

Now, I wonder, if I had a judge panel involving indian, indonesian, french, and american, which of the chicken dish would have been judged the best? I still think the Chicken Kalasan, haha!

I’m still trying various chicken recipes, Lisa’s friend who came from Gambia made me one of the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had, and have you tried Jamaican style chicken?? It’s good!! Next time I’ll try to post the recipes 🙂


~ by Anita Fei on September 15, 2006.

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