Passing By

Days go so fast here :(. I used to think I needed more time, but now I think I need more energy. I miss my early 20ies, hehehe… I hate to admit this, but my energy level is much lower then before – if I dare live my life like I did back then, my life would be definitely shorter :|.

I’m kinda thinking the sun has something to do with this low energy level, my body’s used to full throttle sunshine 24/7, and here I’m lucky if I get 10 minutes in the sun. Apparently Holland exhausted their yearly sun quota entierly in July, so I’m already prepared for no sunshine until, well, May next year (- I wish I was joking here :P)

I’m so very looking forward to the forcast of 24ºC-26ºC sunshine in Paris!! Speaking of Paris, there’s no escape from Madonna’s concert it seems, hehe.. Heard that she might not do the crucifix scene, which is good. It’s really a cheap way to draw attention – she’s loosing it I guess (whatever she had in the first place :P), I mean, if she was that good there wouldn’t be any need for such acts, right?

So why did I enter the concert? Ticket. To Paris. Hotel stay. For Two. GRATIS. hihi.. This is what I wrote to one of my colleague after making myself listen to her new album.. Boch_1

No, it didn’t specify that I had to be a fan to win the concert ticket – I didn’t even lie when I had to fill in the reason why I think I should win the trip to see Madonna – as Madonna&her crew is now they’re new fashion icon and they’re opened for 24 hours – I just said that if I was to shop for 24 hours I’d need inspiration. So please take me to Paris.


~ by Anita Fei on August 30, 2006.

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