This is unbelievableeee!!!!

Went to the Dance Parade in Rotterdam, left early because of the rain, did some shopping, got things in H&M and got this small brochure about how I can win a ticket to see Madonna live in London and Paris. Well, how big are my chances anyway? Out of the millions H&M shoppers? Out of the millions die hard Madonna fans? What do I have to loose if I tried anyway?

AND I WON!!!!!

Check this out:Madonna 

So yes, your sweet darling Fei is going to fly away to Paris and stay in a hotel for free (and aslo watch Madonna, hihihi..)!!!!! Whoooopppiiieee!!! I’m taking my maid of honor along – now SHE’s a die hard fan, so what better way can I thank her for ‘giving’ me that super ultra georgeous engagement then bringing her along to Paris? (fiancée couldn’t care less about Madonna of course :P)

And to prove we’re real fashionista’s, after a few minutes of glee we started squeeling, "OMG!! What are we gonna wear???" hahahahh…sooo mundaaannneee!!! Too bad the prize didn’t come with a free shopping at H&M for a year – or two haha..!

Wow, August is really showering me with blessings!!


~ by Anita Fei on August 15, 2006.

One Response to “I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!”

  1. OMG! Congrats!!!!
    Remember to upload the pics for me dear! 😀

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