Summer Carnival

The Summer Carnival in Rotterdam was HOT!! 😀

Group_2 Went there with several friends – most of them Brazilians, who so very reminded me of the people back home: they had no concept of time, hehe… Started at at Francisco’s place, making all sorts of energy fruit juice before we go – it was weird, between the 8 of us, we finished 2 LIQUEUR bottles in that fruit juice (the regular 750ml ones), but we stayed perfectly sane, maybe because all of the vitamines, hehe..eum, my picture doesn’t really depict a sane girl, hihi… But I did stay sane the whole day long, have a heavy week ahead and I need all the energy an positivity I could get!! – as in, no room for hangover fits the schedule!!

Kiko_1 Well, maybe not all of us stayed sane – one of the Brazilians had a serious case of ADHD, haha..

The weather was great, and the dancers were really festive – if the pictures on the loop isn’t clear enough, you can see the slideshow here. Later that night those Brazilians were so wasted they started to get reeaaallly sentimental and slow down- I honesdtly thought their energy would never drop, they’re really amazing, no, Francisco was, to be exact. Everytime he hears music he starts dancing – doen’st matter where he is or what he’s doing 😛

MixAround 6 the the stage in front of the stad huis (eum, town  hall) where the parade ended was opened, and the brazillian band began to play. The music was, eum…festive, hihi.. If you don’t bother about the tune and the quality of the singers at least, and can enjoy the rhythm and enthusiasm of the people around it, then you’re bound to have a blast – I did :). You see that cute tall boy wearing black? He was so sweet and concerned since I couldn’t see the stage that he actually carried me on his shoulders – to him I’m just this tiny sized thing I suppose, since he could still JUMP up and down while I was on his shoulder (yea, I scored a perfect 10 for balance, haha..). Elevation is GREAT!! I could really see EVERYTHING – wow, I could get addicted to heights, haha..

Anyway, I did pay dearly for the 12 hours of dancing, my feet was soooo sore that I nearly fell out of bed the next day, they could harldy support me!! And I was wearing flipflops (aka sendal jepit,hihi) since I was sure that heels would only give me boundaries.. But I’m perfeclty fine now 😀


~ by Anita Fei on July 31, 2006.

One Response to “Summer Carnival”

  1. Hi girl, i read every time your blogs , its nice.How are you, you don’t remember me i think. My name Rob live in Thailand now, before in Groningen. Stay here more as 1 year and i like this country. Every day sun , nice food and frut.And…. don’t forget the nice girls here.
    OK hope to see you online so we can talk.
    Have a nice day and take care, bye Rob

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