Endless sunny days 😀 I’m so very loving it!!


I love this water fountain…when I was small my dad used to take us to his college in the summer, where they had huge lawns with water sprinklers all over. I’d used to run about with my sister, getting wet in the sun…my sister would stay white while I’d look like a mexicano :P. I just looovveee water spurting out of the ground!! Usually there would be small kids playing at the water fountain, and during the world cup they made the fountain orange.

You see the tiny flattened together buildings in the background? That’s what we call typical dutch houses, especially the 4 in the middle. Not at all like anything you call ‘rumah belanda’ in Indonesia. Every dutch that was taken to see ‘dutch buildings’ always gets confused, the structure is like nothing found in holland. And now you know why.

Thanks to my teachers in Leiden, I can actually pinpoint when the building was built, since different era has different building design. OK, I *should* be able to pinpoint those building in time, but my memory doesn’t last that long :P. They disappear as soon as the lecturers collects our exam papers, haha..


~ by Anita Fei on July 14, 2006.

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