Sitting with Losers

Pfftt…what a hot weekend it was!! And definitely a trying one, as I had it jam packed with activities in the sun…I’ve even got tan lines already, which my european friends are totally envious of. It’s so different here, the stores are loaded with tanning products – from tan creating gels and creams to pills that makes your skin scream "I’ve been to the beach n I’m lovin it!!". These girls don’t even dare go to the beach BEFORE they have tanned skin, madness! 😐 I guess that’s why the commercials for tanning products already start in March, when it’s still below 10ºC outside :P. I think bronze colored skin is gorgeous (well, a blond girl with super white skin does look kinda sickly…), but some people here over-do it (especially elder women, reasons unknown to me) and they’d look radioactive orange. Scary…

Anyway, since I’ve been out in the sun for 3 days in a row, I feel wilted right now >__<. Went upstairs and had lunch with colleagues who were also quiet and unenergetic, and I naïvely thought they also had a sun-overdose weekend. But noooo….they had a completely different reasons for being down: their team just got sent home from the World Cup, hehe… There was one english lady and 2 brazilian guys, and they were all totally into football. Actually the england lady was, and the 2 brazillian guys were just well, Brazillians :P. Apparently over there soccer is a national sport, meaning that all boys are forced to play soccer whether they like it or not. Then being this energetic over heated people they’d dive headlong into every soccer match. I wonder how many Brazilians got a heart attact last Saturday, they found it totally outrageous that their team isn’t even in the semi finals :P. 


~ by Anita Fei on July 3, 2006.

One Response to “Sitting with Losers”

  1. hehehee,same here… lota women with orange skin… with the ireland’s weather, having sunny days seem only dream,but tan skin is a must accessories on summer.don’t you think indonesian’s skin is gorgeous? i love it!gorgeous by nature 😛

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