A Promise Kept

Thank’s to Ed’s invite to watch soccer at his place, I’ve finally found enough dilligence to work out having this song hosted on my site – I can’t believe I used to have such an emotional bond with soccer, I found out that I couldn’t keep my eyes more than 10 minutes on the game :P. Luckily his computer was standing there all alone inviting to be used :D! So, here’s the song, I hope it plays on your screen (for now it’s also on my main friendster page, lyrics and all):

Switchfoot – This is Your Life

Ever had that moment when you watch a movie, percieve something important, and the background song just captures that moment? I admire those people who are able to find the perfect song for the perfect moment, for people like me everytime the song is played, the moment is created again…

I first heard this song while watching the last serie of 4400‘s 2nd season, and the lyrics ‘this is your life…are you who you want to be?’ still manage to haunt me until now. I love it.


I have no idea of what the purpose of the serie’s creator is, and I hope it can live up to my perception of the series, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But for now, I want to remember the reason why the movie left such an imprint on me, and I want to share it with you. You might have watched the series and have a different perception, it doesn’t matter…I just want to share my perception with you.

In short, this movie is about people abducted from different time (though all in the 20ieth century) and places (in US), different race and age. At some point in today, they were all returned to earth at once, and nobody had any memory of how they were abducted, and how they ended up back in earth. Then it turned out that everybody returned with a different gift, some can heal, some can create a different dimension, others can read minds, move things, and even kill. Not everybody found out their gifts right away.

(spoiler alert, skip this line if you do not want to know who abducted the people)

After the first season, it became apparent that these people were abducted not by aliens, but by people from the future.

They were returned to earth with a mission, something screwed up humanities in the future, and it was believed that it started at the point in time when the abducted people were returned. Nobody knew what went wrong, or what they had to do to prevent it. They just knew they had a mission, a purpose to serve for.

Are you starting to see the beauty of this movie? To me, this movie is a small and dramatized scale of what human are. We were born into the world, and everybody has a destiny designed for them, everybody serves a purpose. Just because we don’t know what the purpose is doesn’t mean our life is less meaningful. I like how the movie reminds me that we all have a destiny, we life not for ourselves only, and we all are server the Creator of our purpose. It’s beautiful…it gives every new day a meaning, a start to create something beautiful out of it while we seek what His will in our lives are. It gives us strength to stand up again when we fall, a reason not to give up.

It’s your life, give it as much meaning as you possibly can…


~ by Anita Fei on June 25, 2006.

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