Hmm..I’m not feeling that well… Decided to start working out again, now that my flu is gone (or so I think), but I also got caught up with this book I’m reading – Eight by Katherine Neville, that I just read on until 2 AM. And as a result I don’t feel that fresh today…

The book was written almost 20 years ago, but it has the same formula as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code (side note: I’m so GLAD his movie flopped – it did, didn’t it?? – he was getting way too much glory for the book. OK, so his research was impressive, but he used the same age old trick: controversial religious topic. Other than that his book is just another one among it’s genre).

Too bad with the Eight book the excitement dropped at the end – no, it plummented. The secret so jelously guarded by the writer just couldn’t live up to the havoc it caused for centuries, involving ancient Babilona/Phoenicia/Moors, french revolutionairs Voltaire, Robbespierre, Rousseou, and modern day chess grand masters, ended up to be a secret formula for – well, I can’t tell, can I? I was really looking forward to what this grandeur secret could be, since the story plot was bautifully built around it. Too bad the writer couldn’t find a more interesting secret, it was way too Hollywood. Or maybe I’m being too critical, or the book should have taken another 100 pages to end.

Gotta find better books to spend my time with…


~ by Anita Fei on June 24, 2006.

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