Fifteen minutes

So, my first week at work is about to end in 15 minutes, hehe… It was great! Maja, the publisher I’m working with, seem to be careful in giving me things to work on, afraid that a heavy workload would send me packing away to my old desk, haha.. So this week has actually been the calmest I’ve had this year :P. I wonder what Maja would do if she knows this, hihi.. But I know that what I’ve been given is just tiny tip of the iceberg, so I’m breathing while I can :D. Maja’s already joyfully thinking of all sorts of conference she can bring me to, and hordes of people she can introduce me to. And I’m sure my brother would be dead jealous to hear the people I’m going to meet, haha.. 

The company isn’t as good as with my old office, but I’ve expected that anyway, besides, it takes time to bond with people, so maybe within a few months I won’t miss my old roomies as much :). And anyway, at least the office is bigger, the table is bigger, the monitor is also bigger (I loovvee big screen!!), so I really shouldn’t complain :D. My old boss still pops by now and then though, making sure I feel sorry for leaving his department, haha.. Oh well, Francisco is doing a marvelous job replacing me, so he really shouldn’t complain either.

Last2 These are the cakes I’ve made for the goodbye gettup – it’s nothing much, just a little saying thank you to my colleagues for the great time they’ve given me while working there :). My roomies gave me a cookbook as a farewell gift – yea, *hint* *hint* :P. Jonne doesn’t like chocolate at all, but I on that day evilly managed to make him eat chocolate, it was hidden in the strawberry triffle, and he LOVED it, huehehe.. I haven’t got the heart to tell him though, as he really belieaves he cannot eat chocolate, be it white, dark, or whatever, hehe..

Last1_4 Somehow my plan leaked out and Win + PP were prepared with a farewell bouquet and gift, hehe..- and yea, they made me give a farewell speach! Anyway, that’s how the hallway of wing E looks like! It has a really great view, being on the 8th floor…I’ll miss that view!! >__<  Oh well, it’s going to be super hot in the summertime, at least that’s one thing I won’t have to worry about now, as I don’t share a super crowded room, hehe.. Not even a quart of my colleagues were captured in that picture!

                                 So, here’s to happy endings and new beginnings!


~ by Anita Fei on May 19, 2006.

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