Going Once, Going Twice, Gone..

pfftt…I wish I had more time to write…I used to let my mind work overtime and write it down…I’d have hours and hours to spend on writing, but now I’m lucky if I can spend an hour per week for random writing like this. I still have a list of things I keep on saying to myself, hey, I wanna blog this, and after some time I forget about them.. At least now I can only remember 2 things I wish I could ramble about: Swiftfoot+4400 and Dean Koontz – one book of his really deserves tribute! I’ll write that down here so I’ll remember next time :).

Sigh..I need more time!! Even now when I write I have to keep it short, promised colleagues to go to a cafe for drinkies after work, and I’m already 1.5 hours late..

Anyway, tomorrow’s going to be my last day in this office…it’s going to be really weird…I wonder who of my roomies I’ll miss the most, and I think I already know, hehe..


Fabienne‘s wrapped up in her own world and I don’t talk to her that much, I guess there aren’t many similarities between the two of us, since when I have to think of her qualities, I realize that I don’t know her that well.. She’s one of the pop-princess type, hehe…


Then there’s Esther with her bigger than life approach at things – she’s so lovely in her innocent pride – she
just rambles happily about things that normal people would think twice about,
fearing ppl will think that they’re showing off. Somehow, for her it doesn’t seem like showing off 🙂


But Jonne‘s in another class. He’s smooth – he and PP would be head to head if they ever go into ‘gay icon of the year’ competition, hehe.. No, not that they’re gay, but they have just enough feminim side to understand woman in a way that guys normaly don’t. I suppose if all the other girls would have to answer who they’ll miss most, it’ll be him, hehe..

Oh, I’m so very going to miss this room, it’s just so alive and vibrant – our laughter can be heard from miles around, ppl even bang on our wall just to tell us to keep the noise down. Gosh…I’m going to miss all that noise!!


~ by Anita Fei on May 11, 2006.

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