Hungry in Holland

When I returned to my homeland, I promised myself that it would be a food journey. A RECORDED food journey, to share and to evoke envy with, hehehh.. But either because of the excitement of the food or the stress of my reason of returning, in the end I only took a picture of very few things :(. I’ll try better next time!!

Anyway, I did manage to remember taking a few shots, so here are they are, for your eyes only 😉

First of all…seafood. This picture was taken at a simple local resto in Gading, a few minutes away from my parents’ house (by car hehe..). That’s fried fish, battered shrimp, and BBQ cuttle fish. They’re quite OK, at least when the time’s short, it’s a better option than an hour drive to Ancol – wherethe best seafood is (of course that’s arguable 😉 )

This is the other side of the table, crab with oyster sauce, and kangkung hot plate. Check out the cute sambal and mango chutney in the small ‘cobek’s!! They’re deadly hot, haha..

Moving on…these food below were served in a fancy resto uptown Bandung, where your senses gets a double treat while they feast on the delicious food and the gorgeous display of lights from the city below..

This is chicken hainan, served with wonton soup and savoury rice, with prawn and lumpia on the side.

This is the Tempura dish, with HUGE prawns and fried veggies, served with rice and some kind of sour soup..

And this is Singaporean Claypot Rice with 3 kinds of meat, chicken, beef and shrimp, served also with wonton soup.

Hmm..the foods on this blog page are more Chinese food or Indo-Chinese food. You’ll have to wait until I return home again to see authentic Indonesian dishes ;). Just wait and see!


~ by Anita Fei on May 6, 2006.

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