sweets for my sweet

Just showing off the little sugar bombs I made for my lovely niece’s b’day!! I made 68 of these things, which took almost 3 hours from the time I weigh the material til everythings neatly wrapped up. I was instructed to keep the decoration simple and hassle free as I possibly could, hehe…

Cupcakes are usually easy to make, and it’s almost foolproof, haha.. again, I was asked to make a basic recipe cupcake, which was actually more difficult to find than among the interesting cupcakes variations!! So it was basic cupcake, but I just HAD to make them pretty n pink, she’s 6, pink and purple are the only color she knows, hihi.. Even the glazing was pink, but it almost looks white compared to the pink dish :|.

So the b’day girl called me last night, reeaally excited, telling me what happened to the cupcakes – apparently she could give it to everybody in her class, and then pick out the kids she knows from adjoining classes. And those kids were squeeling at top of their lungs, "ME..ME..ME!!" – even the teachers wanted the cupcakes instead of the grownup cakes. So I suppose Lyzette was feeling highly important, weighing out who gets the cakes and who doesn’t… Hmm.. that doesn’t really seem fair – they’re just kids!! How would you feel if the kid next to you gets one of these and all you can do is look? Cruel!! 😐

Anyway, so many people asked me why I made the cupcakes. To them, those cupcake seems like an huge big hassle to make. I guess it all started from my childhood, I still remember the elaborate Wilton decorated cakes my mum used to make me, the last one was a doll with buttercream blond hair with a blue pinafore… My classmates would be invited for the party with special treats, and I felt like a little princess amid all the oohs and aahs of my friends while I opened the gifts :). I still remember how it felt when I got that little ring with a fake ruby on it, or the barbie snow mobile and swimming pool.

Wow. Amazing, isn’t it…my family was never rich when it comes to worldly possessions, but if I look back, it’s so ovbious that we were indeed richly blessed, more than money could actually buy :).

And I suppose it’s those childhood memories that I was trying to enliven when I baked those cupcakes 🙂


~ by Anita Fei on April 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “sweets for my sweet”

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