Enter Mary Jane

Ah…the spring breeze…in Holland, it usually translates into vast gray clouds and drizzles of rain, day in, day out…but just the sense of hope of spring BEING here is warming :). Everybody says usually it’s warm around Easter, but not this year I guess…wonder if this means it’ll be a blazing hot summer…

Now, sun or no sun, in anticipation of spring, I’ve decided to get those Mary Jane’s I’ve been eyeing at the shoe shop. Lovely gothic webbed stockings should complete the look…would be a perfect touch to my brighter than bright floral wardrobe for this spring – can’t wait! šŸ˜€

In reflection to the colorful wardrobe, my life is actually getting along quite merrily…I still don’t know how my new job will be like, but my old boss is giving my new boss a hard time in letting me go, so I’m not going to start my new position until mid May. Which works fine with me, as I’m already getting headaches from making reasonable deadlines and clear-lined takeover notes for my replacee.

And then I found out that my new boss is the captain of the company’s soccer team, so coming June we’ll be off to Heidelberg to play against HQ. Apparently his love for the game is contagious as his department is buzzing with excitement! And somehow – SOMEHOW, it’s evolves into me, the newbie, being cornered to join in the team. Eum, no. I definitley have no dreams of being a female Nakata. I mean, it’s a MIXED team. Meaning those towering neandertalic guys will be there (NOTE: I’m only midway between shoulder and elbow of my boss, WITH heels), and have you seen dutch and german women?? – let alone the girlie ones, what about the hardcore I’m-just-as-good (I mean sizewise) as-you-guys ones!? They’ll be more dangerous than the guys – the later would be reluctant and afraid they’ll hurt me, while the first might see me as their ‘equal’. Mercy.

And SOCCER, of all sports. I remember how my highschool gym teachers so miserably tried to make us love it. Years later, I actually did love that sport – provided that it was on screen only. Those were the days when I stayed up at 2 just to wait for a match, even during exam weeks. But then the girly girls caught on with the sport, gleefully commenting the match, with their tiny tee’s scribbled with ‘Owen’, ‘Beckham’ – you get the picture. My interest corroded like metal in saltwater, slow but lethal. By the time I reached Holland, even the invites to join watching the match from those even-cuter-than-on-screen guys couldn’t budge me. And now I’m expected to play. Hmm..maybe I’ll be so small I can slip away unnoticed :D. Heidelberg streets have been told to be very friendly for shoppers..


~ by Anita Fei on April 15, 2006.

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