ungratefully yours

After squealing to my sweetheart about being impatient to read the 3rd of the Trader’s book, my response to his buying the book in a bookshop on his way out of the country was not squeals of glee, but, "No!! No!! Don’t buy it!! Can you still return it??"

Can you imagine what went through his head right that moment?? Doh…

Well, why such a stupid reaction? Because I’m a believer of borrow and pass around rather than buy and let dust on the shelf :P. And why have only the 3rd book of a trilogy anyway? But of course he doesn’t know this, does he..

Pfffttt, typical me. I better learn to control my reaction before I scare my boyfriend off from buying *anything* for me, aka ungrateful bitch. DOH.


~ by Anita Fei on October 3, 2005.

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