Cheese cake

Cheesecakes are delicious… And I can’t find one around the area!! Dutch ppl eat kwaarktaart, which is something kinda similar yet totally different from cheesecake. Kwaarktaart is made out of kwaark – its something between cream cheese and sour cream, but it’s stands on it’s own. It’s something typical Dutch and Germany I suppose, since I notice that ppl trying to make kwaarktaart in other countries always say they can’t find real kwaark.

Well, I just want plain, solid cheesecake. The ones you make out of cream cheese. If I can’t find it, I might as well try to make it. And so here was my attempt!! 😀

First, I take out my little springform pan. I crushed the biscuit, butter, and sugar which was supposed to be the bottom of the pie.

Then, I wraped the pan with foil. Why? Because I wanted to cook it au bain marie. Which means I’d have to put the pan in the middle of a bigger pan filled with water when I bake it. Cooking it that way disperses the heat more evenly, which results in a crack free cheesecake :D. Don’t  I sound like an expert, hihi..!! That being done, I poured in the cheesecake mixture in (recipe available by request :P).

This is how it looks like, after one hour of baking, several hours of cooling down in the oven, and another several hours chilling in the fridge. Impatience can do big damage to the cake. Getting the cake out of the spring form pan seems to be the ultimate task for the cheesecake lover, it must not crack ( if cracking would ruin the taste…)

Well, this was the final result, drizzled with chocolate sauce :D.

This is yet another cheesecake, topped with cherry filling. So they say that a perfect cheesecake shouldn’t be marred with topping. Just to show off the perfection of it: no cracks. Right.


~ by Anita Fei on July 16, 2005.

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