Dim Sum

I looooovvvveeeee food!! Maybe it’s just something you inherit for being an indo – something I didn’t really notice until I went out of the country. Most of the indo ppl that I meet here, they’d have the same passion in their eyes when we talk about food. Especially the food ‘back home’, huehehehehh… Returns from holidays in indo are always filled with food stories… :p I know that back in Bandung my girlfriends and I would drive around town only to end up at yet another resto. Where ever we go or plan to do, almost always, a stop at one of Bandung’s water mouthing resto is on the list. It seemed so common back then!! There was always a new resto to try. And it’s not only the food, the atmosphere of the whole resto would be the reason for us to visit it.

Then I came here, where I guess the local favorit seems to be the patat shop at the corner. (patat = fries) The first time I entered, I was excited of course, all the small and neat funny looking things to be fried – kinda like dim sum, Dutch version, I thought. Kroket, frikandel, gehakt balletjes – I’ll see if I can give them a tribute next time :P. 

The first time trying them, I’m sorry to say, was a disappointment :P. I did not like them. I do now, but back then, no thanks. I don’t know how I learned to like them, and disliking them is only a vague memory now, so I suppose I’m integrating :P.

Well, of course they *DO* have local delicacy – like harring. I’ve made Its try babat (well, putting it lightly, it’s a part of a cow :P), so I tried harring. And I’m still learning to like it. Although at one haring per year I have no idea when I’ll start liking it. With the patat shop it was maybe once a month or once every other month, and now it’s weekly, something to grab and go on the way home on the train.

I am REALLY loosing my point here. I meant to start this already over-lengthed piece on DIM SUM. I love those. Little pieces of delicious food. In Indo, I usually to up to (can’t remember the name!!) Golden Dragon? at Telaga Sari or at San Dragon. It opens around 7 (or earlier?) and by 11 they’re closing. Over here, dim sum doesn’t open until 12. At least not on weekends (don’t remember going there on weekdays earlier than 12).

Coming there only with Its, not to add a light hangover, we didn’t order too much. But these are among the ones I love best…

OK, this is ha kau. It’s filled with delicious pieces of shrimp and meat, in a clear envelope.

This is hakau with siu mai, fried pieces of meat filled dumpings.

And this is foo kok, it’s actually taro filled in with meat and veggies.
When fried, the taro becomes like this (yea, sorry I spoiled the magic :P)
I tried to make it once, but it just absorbed the oil, yuck!!

Mnn…I don’t really remember the name of this one, except that it’s filled with cha siu, which is roasted red meat. Yummm!!

And this is ba kut, steamed in a broth of garlic and black bean.

HIhihi..I just have to add on here 😀

These are the home made version of those things :D. I can’t do hakau, the sheet needs proper handling and I’ve never done it before. I know where to buy the flour to make the sheet, but so far it’s a bit too much of a hassle for me :P.

So, anyway, this is cha siu, I marinaded it over night then grilled it – that’s how it looks being grilled

and this is how it looks chopped up.

this is my version of siu mai, unfried yet…

and this is bakut. I marinaded it then let it fry in it’s own oil, hehe…


~ by Anita Fei on July 10, 2005.

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