Dutch Heat

Ok, I haven’t updated my blog for a while – hey, I WANT to, but then there’s so many other things to do, GRRR…!! How COULD those ppl have SUCH interesting lives full of stories and ALSO have time to write them down?? Hmmm…efficiency?? Should I learn to be more efficient?? Hmmm…
Well, anyway! My following entry will not be about my oh-so-interesting life, but it will be of oh-so-interesting Holland. Yes, I am about to write down another entry on Holland. Or Holland’s summer to be more exact. I’m sure ppl coming from other tropical paradise will be able to comprehend my situation here.

It all started last year, my first summer in Holland. I mistakenly thought it to be an exception, since in the the whole 3 months of summer, it was mostly filled cloudy rainy days. Well, OK, we had 3 weeks of sunshine. And I was in Italy for most of that time, so I missed it – what I did not miss was the experience of feeling like I was in Middle East, Milan was 40ºC!!!! Talk about timing, grrrr….
Now, with high hopes thanks to the nice sunny days of June (check beach pic for referral :D), I thought we’re in for a nice summer – but alas, that was BEFORE I knew the pleasant sunny days we had was actually what ppl here defined as HEAT WAVE. The knowledge of the heat wave came at the same time as forecasted weather of clouds, thunder, and 20ºC max for the whole of next week, so I just had to blog – yes, I’m sure some of you has gotten the idea that blogging for me is venting out… how else would I stay my calm suave self?? 😀
So now I can inform you the true definition of heat wave – not MY definition, but the tested and true definition, according to Dutch papers and Dutch ppl :

HEAT WAVE: a full week of above 25ºC temperature, of which 2-3 days are higher than 30ºC.
I thought that was the definition of Summer. Nice pleasant summer, not tropical summer. But no, it was the definition of heat wave. And as if to prove it, the trains sighed and groaned all through the heat. When it’s above 25ºC for several days in a row, the rails get over heated, which causes less trains to ride. And also the electricity fails. Because they can’t dump endless amounts of cooling water into the water. Hmpf.

But that being said, I’m still loving this land, really!! I have came a loooonnngggg way in learning to appreciate the sun :P. The sun is no longer a big heat radiating sun burning ball of fire; an enemy; it is now my friend 😀


~ by Anita Fei on July 4, 2005.

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