Pasar Malam, Den Haag

I just HAD to make this entry. Especially for all my Indo friends not living in Holland…

There’s this thing here we call Pasar Malam. Yea. P A S A R   M A L A M. And it looks kinda like the streets of Malioboro in Jogja, or the stall laded streets in Pangandaran. Except they put it all in a large circus tent. Kinda like Jakarta Fair, but the things they sell are more kitsch style. Traditional market thingies. But with a price tag. And WHAT a price tag.

The first time I came there, I didn’t enjoy it. For all the reasons mentioned above. But now I’m kinda used to the country, and also the Pasar Malam…

The food was quite good. Well, not good as in the best you can get, but still, for my haven’t-been-home-for-almost-two-years, it was OK. They had cendol – not to be compared with Elizabeth cendol of course, but if you’re lucky and you pick the right one, it’s quite delicious. And if you forget the price. Jeezz…they sell nagasari, klepon (3 pieces), kue bugis, kue lapis, hunkue, n all sorts of kue jajanan pasar at 1,5 euro per piece. That’s right. PER PIECE. And some of them tastes like a disaster I’m sorry to report. I went there with Gemma, who was eager to try new things, hoping I could help her choose from the wide array of food. We had gule kambing. Which tasted more like indian curry…

I really should get in touch with the loyal Pasar Malam goers next year!!! Yea, that’s right next in my agenda, making friends with more indo ppl… I don’t really have many Indonesian friends here. Friends are friends, sometimes it’s nice to speak in indo and talk about the glory of our country and the craziness of dutch ppl, but so far the need hasn’t become that urgent. I talk A LOT with my old friends back in indo, which helps the home sick feeling I guess.

For me, Indo friends doesn’t come naturally. As in, if I want to meet more indo ppl, I have to be active and search for them. My default friendship circle are either dutch ppl or foreigners – as in English or Australian. Saying default means, those are the ppl I meet anyway, either I want to or not :P. And really, people ARE people. Peal the skin and you get the same human being.

ARRGG..loosing my point again!! Anyway, for indo ppl, check out these pics and tell me if you can tell the difference with something we see somewhere in Jogja.

This is an overload of jewelry. Ok, silver thingies for the neck or the hand of the foot. There were dozens of these kind of stands!

As also these… But this time they sell the colorful rocks. The rock-strung-necklace that my mom used to think as pretty and could never understand why I NEVER would wear them back in indo. Now, in a different time and place, I might.

See what I mean?? Wayang!!

And even more wayang!!

Women things – there were loads of these, leather good or whatever you call it, and also clothing stands…

Now, the more interesting part, FOOD!!! This is one of the food stands over there…

And another…

and here is the cheerful martabak asin maker! I even made a video of how they made it, an art totally unknown to almost everybody I know here!!!

(yea, the price is in EURO hehehe…).

And yet another outlook on the food price…


~ by Anita Fei on June 14, 2005.

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