IndoAnglo engagement

Tonight I went to an engagement party… The groom was an old friend of Itsco, and when I mean old I mean it litteraly :P. He’s around 40 or 50 – with two VERY GORGEOUS sons!! One is 14 and the the is 17. The 17 year old one is a Ryan Phillipee look-a-like, so you get the idea of what I mean with gorgeous. And they play in a band. Too bad I don’t have a younger sister (at least not *that* young…)

Well, his sons being mentioned, let’s not forget the bride to be!! She’s from indo, I guess late in her 30ies (I’m not that good at guessing age…), but she can’t speak Indo – which is nice for a change, hihi.. No, no sarcasm intended, but hey, I’m chinese but I can’t speak chinese, so??

Anyway, Blance’s really nice, and I’m quite amazed how such a nice lady could end up with Frank. Nooo…not that Frank isn’t nice, but he’s the free-flamboyant type of guy, he lives for his music. He’s got a record out somewhere, not on the wall type of music though. It’s easier to imagine him settling down with – well, with someone else, hehe…

They had a LOVELY engagement, so simple, but so warm and friendly… It was done at Blance’s place, the guests were told to bring food and refreshments as the engagement gifts, and they were DELICIOUS. When the guests varies from indo ppl to english ppl, and rocker types to bob marley types kind of ppl, then you can imagine what the food variation is like! I went there with my girlfriends, and it took us some time to get uprooted from the overflowing food table. A very brilliant idea, no catering could beat that!!

Then there was the open air band outside in the backyard. It was small, but cozy – even the dripping rain couldn’t ruin the atmosphere!! The groom to be played with his band and had some ‘guest performance’ from some of his old friends – his sons even played for a while (Nirvana style, veeerrrrryyyy savvy guitar play!!), and it was just nice!! He dedicated several songs for Blance, those ‘cant-live-without-you’ and ‘you-ROCK-my-world’ kind of music, sending all the ladies to wishful thinking…

Everything was just gorgeous…

I hope I can get my hand on some pictures, since I didn’t bring my cam along that time, n I don’t think my words justify the moment enough…


~ by Anita Fei on June 3, 2005.

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