Haagse Freaks

Before I started working, I don’t visit Den Haag that often. Now I go there almost everyday. And in less than a month I’ve already met 2 Haagse freaks. (Haagse = dutch term for somebody who lives in Den Haag. I think. Have no idea if that’s a proper term, but hey, *I* understand it! :D)

My first encounter was last week, walking into the Intercity Train in Den Haag Centraal Station, at 5 in the afternoon. The train wasn’t leaving until another 20 minutes, so it was still pretty much empty. It was quite a warm day, warm enough for me to be wearing heeled slippers to work. It was a gorgeous slipper, one I took along from Indo.

Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought it was gorgeous! As I walked into the train, I noticed a guy following. Of course I didn’t think he was following me, he’s walking into a train, what’s the big deal? But then, he chose to sit in the bench right in front of me, out of dozens empty benches. That’s when the first alarm went off.

If you’re a guy, you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, CHOOSE to sit right in front of a girl when there are tons of other places to sit. Unless you want to clearly indicate that you’re interested in something of her.

His opening line came as a blur. It was dutch, obviously, and had something to do about my slippers, since he kept pointing at them. Then I started to understand what he was saying. He owned a shoe shop and my sandals were very gorgeous. Is it leather?

It was broad daylight, there were other ppl in the train, the guy didn’t look menacing or suspicious, and I have always been said to be naive, and so I answered him cordially. I even let him take a closer look at my slippers (I was wearing long pants anyway, no chance of indecency there!). He mentioned that it was really nice. Which I replied to, "It’s from Indo."  – which of course is sufficient to explain why it was so gorgeous. With all the low payed low cost low overhead super creative ppl, certainly we create gorgeous shoes!

The shoe issue being solved, he proceeded to question the content of my Burger King bag. "Is that a normal hamburger?" "Yes." "It’s not a milkshake?" "No."

I was not raised to be rude. Rudeness would be the last resort. First show disinterest, and then ignore. Then sarcasm.

In short, he left after a while. And I read my magazine on. When I told my boyfriend, he told me I should have kicked him out as soon as he started asking about the sandals. Or move right away when he sat down right in front of me. As in, RIGHT AWAY. Well, as I said, I wasn’t raised to be rude. Although sometimes I wish I was…

Anyway, moving on to the second freak.

I was dining out with a friend at a chinese resto. He was the only blond in sight, the others were all asian. Everybody was talking in either chinese or dutch, and we were talking in English. Perhaps a bit too loudly, I don’t know…I do get carried away at times. So maybe we were a bit obvious (yea..I can hear my girlfriends chiming…*you*?? in a resto? obvious?? MAYBE?? hehe…)

Anyway, there was a group of people at the table across ours, about 5 meters away. I was disturbed from my conversation (and delicious food) by sharp flash of blits. I looked up and saw a guy from that group taking pictures. I noticed that a shoot was aimed at me, but since he seemed to be taking various pictures of the restaurant from his seat anyway, I didn’t pay much attention. Who am I to be so vain anyway.

But then I wanted to go to the restroom. I had no idea where it was, but my friend said it was the door at the front part of the resto. There were no sings anywhere, but I decided to give it a try. I walked away from our table (and from the bunch of ppl) to try the door. It was locked. I looked around, trying to spot other doors, then walked back. Another snap of blits caught me. The same guy, the same group, the same camera. It doesn’t take a genious to understand the line of focus, it was obviously aimed at me. Was he just suddenly in the mood to take another random picture of the resto or something? Like I said, I’m not vain. Not *that* vain I mean. Vain enough to post this blog though!

PS. Joost, it was the chinese seafood resto we went to months ago, I don’t know the name of it, just remembered the position :P.


~ by Anita Fei on May 30, 2005.

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