Let the Addiciton Begin!!

There was a time when I was addicted to coffee. A time when I drank mugfulls a night just to stay awake. A time when I could still fall asleep in a snap no matter how many cups of coffee I’ve drank.

Those days were over as soon as I no longer had rows of exams to take, or seasons of football to watch… Somehow I just didn’t take coffee anymore, other than a tall glass of sweet iced cappucino. Preferably with rum. And ice cream. It’s more milkshake disguised as coffee other than the other way around.

Not being used to drinking coffee anymore, a single cup of esspresso – or even capuccino would disable me to sleep until 4, irritating my senses, aggrevating my nerves, shortening my patience. So, having learnt my lesson well, I refused every coffee offer ever since I came to Holland – you do NOT want to spend sleepless nights when you’re far far away from your friends and family and have a pile of bad things you can think of!! It seemed to baffle the ppl here when I refuse…

‘No coffee?’
‘Tea maybe?’
‘You DON’T drink coffee?’
‘Can’t sleep because of coffee??’
‘Never heard such a thing!!!’
‘The weather’s NEVER too hot NOT to drink coffee!’

that’s only a few of the things I’ve heard after saying ‘no’ to a cup of coffee, among the lifted eyebrows and the look of near contempt.

But after less than a week at work, I decided to introduce myself once more to that delicious steaming cup of swirling darkness…the chemistry was great…I dissolved right away into it!

Well, I’m still taking caution here, heading on the slow lane towards the addiciton… It helps having a ‘mild’ coffee machine in office, it’s not able to produce strong coffee, even if I push the espresso button. A source of complaints from my other colleagues, but works just fine for me!

So, here’s a cup to my newfound addiction!!


~ by Anita Fei on May 23, 2005.

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