Dutch Queens Day in Germany

Today is Queen’s Day, what better day could it be to escape the madness of the celebration than going to Germany!! 😀 Maybe next year I’ll write about what exactly Dutch ppl do for their Queen’s Birthday…from my point of view it doesn’t really make sense, if I were the queen of the country I’d be mad at my disgraceful citizens, but well, like they say, it’s a free country!! In some ways the Dutch can be so proud of their country, but in other ways, they’re trying damn hard to undutch their country! Well, lets save that topic for a rainy day …

Anyway, Germany was quite nice, the people talked strange, the billboard looked strange, but I suppose that’s what you get when you come to a country which language’s you don’t know! Maybe because the city I went to is near the Dutch border, I didn’t see that much difference in building structure and environment, it’s only more spacious… This was the city center, which doesn’t differ much from a typical dutch center I suppose (especially with all the orange colors :P)

Then this me by the Rhine – forgive my geography, but I think rhine streams not only in Germany? Well, this is a little part of Rhine then, hehehe…

Well, being so polite to get out of the way, here’s a clearer view of the river…

And this is the border of houses along that part of the Rhine… They’re making a large sightseeing sidewalk (or whatever you call a place which main purpose is to let the pedestrian enjoy the view…) so it’s a big construction mess at the moment…

This is one particular lovely house, all covered in ivy…

Afterwards we went back to have barbeque with some friends!!

Yea, somebody’s being impatient here, hehee…



~ by Anita Fei on April 30, 2005.

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