..rock on..

OK… so Mario had a house party together with his flatmates, and the theme was "Dream Job". The last thing I needed was yet another weird piece of clothing that I’d wear only once or twice a year, so I decided to make the best with what I had in my closet… Hey, wrst comes to worst, I can just pick out one of my glam dresses, wear my stilletto, and say that I’m some supermodel. But that would be too easy…

Sooo…I thought of going out as a cowgirl, but wouldn’t be complete without a hat. Another item to buy, or borrow. And this was a bit too common. This is a dress I’d wear just to go to the city center, ethnic/western/romantic being in the air…

Then I thought about my past. The my rebel part has always wanted to go to a real rock concert. Living in indo, where such concerts are rare (at least when I was in highschool/uni they were still kinda rare), or super expensive, I never had the chance to channel the groupie inside of me, hehehe… I remember asking my parents if I could learn drum. Right. When your dad dreams that one day you’ll be able to play pieces from Mozart or Bach, drum just sounds so wrong.

So I made up my mind to be a rocker girl!!! Yeeaaaaa babbyyyy!! I had all the ensemble – I just never paired them together before, but hey, I guess it worked! The picture is on the photo page on friendster, so I won’t bother to add it here. But I’ll be nice enough to paste pictures of the party!

Here’s Ronnie, big time pimpin’!! Then next to it is Gemma and Paul (they’re in Spain for holidays now, grrrr…!!). She dressed up as a Moulin Rouge crew, and he’s Crocodile Dundee… You can also see the disgusted look on Ronnie’s face there, haha!

Then her’s is Nilis, going as drug dealer (no idea who the witch-nosed girl is), next pic is – aarrgghh…I keep on forgetting these guys names!! I’ve gone to Mario’s flat so often and met his flatmates several times, but somehow I always manage to forget their names… I only remember that there’s a Joost.  He’s not the one dressed up as butcher though…that’s Ronald. I think.

This is evil me with Mario – as you can see he’s channeling kung fu master, hehehe… No, I was sober, I was just trying to look like a stoer meisje hihihi… Then there’s me again, with Gemma, talking to Esmeralda, who’s not viewable on the picture…

Mario and DJ, dressed up as kaasboer – euh, cheese farmer?? But he reeeaaalllyyy reminds me of the mushroom man in Mario Bros, can anyone familiarize? He walks around with a piece of cheese that I may nibble now and then… Hey, I’m starting to really like cheese. No, really!! I used to think that wapenaar kaas tastes like old socks, but I was liking it last week, not knowing that it was the same cheese I described as old socks a year ago!!! The other picture is the flatmate other than Ronald and Joost, hehehe… I couldn’t guess it, but he’s a lifeguard. Yea, he was walking around in shorts, blowing his whistle aaaaalllll night long. He’s funny though!

And here are some group pictures… As you might have notice, everybody’s holding beer. Jeezz!! Me too!!! Where did that came from?? I remembered not drinking beer there… Is that my hand?? hihi.. Well, anyway, maybe I did have a beer then. Usually I drink wine, or cola rum…beer is just not really for me. I don’t like the taste… I went home later the night, sober, ready to go to my niece’s birthday party the next day, hehehe…


~ by Anita Fei on April 15, 2005.

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