Living Life a Precarious Occasion

Lazy me, filling in empty spaces…

UGLY picture follows, feel free to skip πŸ˜›

About 2 weeks ago I was asked to go out ‘karten’ – which litterally means carting – by my boyfriend and his friends. I was told that it would be fast, and we’ll be driving on a tight and winding racing track in a little mini racing car. My imagination went straight away to bumper cars, which was fun, and high speed, which was even better. So of course I was filled with enthusiasm!! A girlfriend of mine was supposed to join, but the rest was 9 hulking dutch guys – ermn, that’s not so true, some of them weren’t that big, but still :P. By that point I still did not understand why my girlfriend said that she’ll really need me there, or why my boyfriend was worried – well, he knows I can be reckless, but well…it’s a mini car on a mini track, right?? I mean, we’re in Holland here, OF COURSE they’ve imposed all sorts of safety regulations??

Well…I went to the track, and saw that the car was naked – I mean, bumper cars actually look like mini cars, but this one looks like a stripped bumper car, without any body (no I didn’t bring my cam!). And the tracks also looked super narrow, and super winding. I had no idea how 10 cars can fit in there, but boy was I about to find out!! We had to wear track suits and helmets, but my spirits was still soaring high – even after my girlfriend called me to say she had the flu and couldn’t join us.

The other guys asked if I’ve ever done such a thing, and I said no. Their advice was to press the gas pedal and forget about the breaks, which I already planned to do anyway. Now, living in Holland I often feel mini, but sometimes it’s really over-emphasized…like when I tried to find a proper track suit. It looked like a baggy clown suit on me!! It’s an overall kind of thing – as in OVER ALL, the only places the suit doesn’t cover are your head, hands and shoes. Then the helmet. My head IS NOT SMALL, it’s BIG (no surprise, hmm??). And the XS helmet was still a bit too big!! Baggy clothing, baggy helmet…jeezz..the fashion crime alone should have prevented me from getting on the track!!

Anyway, I got in the car, some guy strapped the seat belt on and adjusted the pedals to my feet, and then the light went green. I was like…hey, what’s the instruction??? The others told me that all the flag signs and rules would be explained on the track, so no one bothered to inform me. Clueless what to do, I did the only thing I could: jam the gas pedal :D.

Did I mention that I was reckless? Well, yea, to the point of stupidity sometimes. On my first nearly 180ΒΊ curve on the tracks, did I bother to slow down? Suuurree… So what happened? I got slammed REALLY hard to the other side, since of course with such speed the car can’t curve that sharply – well, at least I’m not trained to make it curve that sharply, if it was possible. Did I learn from my mistake? Nope! So it was just full speed and full crash for the first few rounds. Sometimes my cart would spin to the opposite direction because of it. Afterwards nearly all of the guys appologized for bumping into me, but there were just to many slam bang clangs that I didn’t even know who or what was to blame :P.

Well, after like 6 or 7 laps, it started to get REALLY painful, my body was aching, my head was throbing, my hads were shaking, the helmet strap cut my neck… So I started to use the breaks and don’t even bother anymore about ppl passing me – go ahead, just PASS and leave me alone!! If the carting was only 5 laps, I’d be the first one to hop in the cart again. But since it went on til 15 laps (for me, at least!), the last few laps I was just driving on auto pilot, almost unaware of anything else except for the checker flag signaling the last lap… Afterwards I wobbled back to the main room…still in a mild state of shock. Both sides of my knees were already swelling to the size of halved eggs, my neck looked like I just attemped suicide, n no, I’m not even exaggerating.

A week afterwards, I took these pictures of my legs and hips: 


Well, I don’t get bruises that easily, but once I do, I color nicely, don’t you think? πŸ˜› Well, they’re half faded now, but I don’t intend to do any racing til every trace from these bruises has disappeared!!

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~ by Anita Fei on March 17, 2005.

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