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Just want to share a few pictures of Holland… Took both of these late ’03, during the first months of my arrival here..

The sky has always been one of the reason why I love driving at dusk…the land here is flat, so you get an amazing sense of vastness when you look to the horizon… It’s just breathtaking… Being used to living in a crowded city where everywhere you look you see nothing but buildings or mountains, this was a nice change for me… I took the picture from the car, during a traffic jam…

I love walking through leafy boulevards… This is supposed to be one of the busiest streets in my city, I took it at noon, and as you can see there’s not much traffic. It’s full during rush hours but I’ve never seen a real traffic jam yet… It just rained, you can see puddles everywhere…


Last month I joined ALLRECIPES. They have tunz of recipes that can be trimmed and cut according to need, so it’s super handy when you’re a mini kitchen freak like I’m turning to be :P. I also have my own gallery where I can post pictures of the food I’ve made, and I can also post my reviews on other recipes.

Here are some pictures from my kitchen!

(Since the photo’s are already published on ALLRECIPES, you can click on each picture if you wanna know which recipe I used)


~ by Anita Fei on March 16, 2005.

One Response to “random bloggings”

  1. hello Anita,

    The pic look good, and i like the pic with your lovely food.

    greatings rob

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