nothing yet

…frumphh…I guess with the free blog here you cant change the design of the page or customize it to your own taste…but I suppose there’s enough wistles n bells to play with…lets see how far this blog can go 😀

Hmm…turns out that I can make a completely new template…which means I’ll have to dedicate more time than I’m willing to. No, that’s not correct. I only get to change my template if I pay friendster. Not then.


~ by Anita Fei on March 16, 2005.

2 Responses to “nothing yet”

  1. Yupyup sama…sorry ga liat elu punya ahauahhahaha…ga apa yahh soalnya semuanya bener jelek2 yang ini paling bagus!! Viva la blog…dasar ga ada kerjaan yeh kita..

  2. huehehe…udh diganti…tapi ga tau tahan berapa lama…kutak katik terrruuusss!!!! 😀
    Lazzyy days rrruuullleeezzz!!!

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