Get Your Winter Coats On!!

It doesn’t usually snow a lot here, so when it does, people go frenzy (OK, I mean KIDS go frenzy) and just fly everywhere in the snow…making snowmen, making snowballs, get on the sleigh… Well, I thought I’d join them too, equipt with my camera 😀

Left pic was taken in the park nearby, the right one was taken Sunday night behind Itsco’s parents’ house.They have a nice little stream flowing by, and if it gets hard enough we can actually skate on it!

Now I understand why the eskimo’s have so many different names for snow, since they’re really different from time to time…from the sandy white fresh snow to the hard packed frozen snow there’s lots of variation in between, hehehe… The way the snow falls is also interesting, I love it!! I can stare out of the window for a long time just watching the snowflakes fall… Sometimes it’s tiny and rapid, sometimes it’s big huge clumps…but it all looked pretty to me… Too bad the snow has completely disappeared now, seems that the weather’s gonna get warmer from here on!


~ by Anita Fei on March 8, 2005.

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