First Time for Everything

It took some time for me in considering to build this blog… A part of me wants to remain safely unknown, while another part screams for attention. It would be nice to just pour everything out, but time and experience has thought me to be more wise… Well, it seems that I’ll still have both options anyway, since I’ve noticed the very handy ‘make public’ tab :). Which means I get to decide which parts of this blog you get to read :D.

The whole day I was fiddling with the layout n design!!!! I’ve been studying a bit html, but weeelll…I’m not really studying it the proper way – as in, I only find out minor things that I can change in a page, but I can’t yet build a page from scratch!

Think..think..think..hmm..some of you who’ve known me for long might wonder why I decided to put my old nickname as the name for my blog… The name goes back several years, I was related to the it by the person I believed to be my soulmate… He’s no longer alive in my world anymore, but this name wasn’t used in remembrance of him…I think the name has grown on me, with or without him :). So now I’m using it for myself, since I like it (yea, simple as that :P) and also it also serves as a reminder… Litterally and methaporically, I used to love walking in the rain, now that the environment has changed I’m reluctant to do it… I guess there are some things that needs to be re-learnt again 🙂

If I look back and see how far I’ve came, all the stuggles I’ve been through, am facing, and will face, I thank the Lord for His grace and mercy…I know that He’s shaping me to fit into His very special plan…a plan that I’m also living and breathing right this moment…

I can’t fly…at least not yet…


~ by Anita Fei on March 7, 2005.

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